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Planning, real-time hydraulic modeling, forecasting and risk management in a single cloud-based solution. LEARN MORE A Next-Gen Intelligent Platform Powered by Machine Learning Predictive maintenance made accessible. LEARN MORE Bringing Digital Water Systems to Every Community A proactive approach to managing your assets. LEARN MORE Prioritizing your Water Infrastructure Investments Through our AI powered asset management solutions. LEARN MORE Helping Utilities Save Thousands in Capital Expenditures
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2 mins

a water main breaks in North America

Each year

75 k

sanitary sewer overflow events occur in the United States


4 days

a sinkhole occurs in the United States due to crumbling water, drain and sewer pipes
The industry

Antiquated Systems are Costly

$ 1 B

spent per year on reactive repairs by American water, sewer, and stormwater utilities
$ 0 B

spent on operational & capital expenditures each year by American water & sewer utilities
$ 0 T

estimated cost of restoring underground pipes in the US over the next 25 years

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Platform Features

How It Works

Paper Maps SCADA/IOT Sensors GIS Formats Computerized Maintenance Management Software Simple integration of any legacy data for a quick data discovery Integrate all your legacy data or any third party data and platforms. NEER is capable of integrating varying GIS formats, paper maps, hydraulic models, Computerized Maintenance Management Software, SCADA/IoT sensors. Network Modeling Pressure Management Energy Analysis Understand Operational Inefficiencies Advanced real-time modeling and system condition assessments Monitor and know the condition of your network and understand the existing bottle neck in your system. Using accurate data, monitor both the operational and structural conditions of your assets in real time. Drinking Water Stormwater Wastewater Know what's going to happen in the next 48 hours Forecast demand, manage pressure, and identify leaks in the distribution network. Forecast flooding, identify blockages, and inflow/infiltration locations in the collection system. Consequence of Failure Likelihood of Failure Business Risk Exposure Condition Assessment Proactive asset management to move out of the realm of ‘reactive repairs’ Evaluate the condition of your assets and move into ‘predictive maintenance’ by operating machine learning. Get ahead of water main breaks, sewer overflows, sinkholes and use aggregate data to make more precise predictions. Strategic Long Term & Short Term Investment Financial Analysis Industry Benchmark Renewal Prioritization Enhanced prioritization of water infrastructure investments Visualize the assets most likely to fail next based on predictive analysis and plan asset renewals accordingly. Prevent asset failures, water loss, and make informed capital decisions to extend the remaining useful life of your water, sewer and stormwater networks. Hydraulic Modeling Capital Planning Water Quality Modeling Water System Design Distribution & collection system master planning & expansion An integrated cloud-based environment for editing project area input data, running hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality simulations.

platform features

How it Works


different data streams for quick discovery


system condition using real-time models


short-term risk in the next 48 hours


asset failures and proactively manage assets


infrastructure investments & asset renewals


distribution & collection system expansion

complimentary professional services

Services to Ensure Your Success

AI/ML as a Service

Our AI experts will develop custom AI/ML models for risk and asset management and project optimization.

Data as a Service

Neer's data experts will clean and standardize the data, eliminating spreadsheets and data silos.

Modeling as a Service

Our water professionals will construct real-time digital twin of your water system in our platform.

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Let AI Streamline Water System Management

Simplify processes with intelligent modeling
and predictive analytics while reducing
costs and economic impacts.

AI Powered Infrastructure that Pays for Itself

50% Savings

in real time water, sewer, and stormwater model set up

2X More Efficient

using one integrated platform for water, sewer, and stormwater

3X More Effective

than historical and age based asset management models

30% Savings

in operational efficiency and capital improvement projects


We've Got You Covered

Cities & Utilities

On our mission to bring digital water systems to every community, we work with any water system size and both public and private utilities.

Engineering Firms

NEER’s platform is a primary choice and easily adopted by many engineering firms working on capital expenditure projects for utilities.

Hardware & Software Providers

We integrate data from many hardware technologies and IoT sensors, no matter the formats.

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We integrate data from many hardware technologies and IoT sensors, no matter the formats. We also share our platform intelligence via API integration.
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platform pricing

No Hardware Purchase Necessary


$ 0
free access at no cost
  • Single user license
  • Create and edit multiple projects (max. 3)
  • Upload and edit GIS datasets
  • Run hydraulic models using EPASWMM and EPANET (max. 3 per day)
  • Access to existing, planning and design dashboards​
  • Download results in GIS and CSV format


$ 99
per user per month
  • Includes all basic features
  • Create multiple teams and add users
  • Unlimited model size and complexity
  • Professional email support


$ 5000
per 3 licenses per month
  • Includes all basic and professional features
  • Integrate CMMS, EAM, AMI/AMR, SCADA and IoT sensors
  • Run real-time hydraulic models
  • Forecast future demand, peak WWTP inflow, and flooding (using customized Machine Learning model)
  • Predict operational inefficiencies and high risk assets
  • Perform risk analysis (using General Machine Learning model) up to 200 Miles (321 KM) length of pipe
  • Access to real-time and risk management dashboards​
  • 600k transactions per day, per 3 licenses
  • 50GB of storage for both timeseries and predictions data included
  • 24/7 technical support
  • *Additional integration charges may apply


$ custom
contact us
  • Includes all basic, professional, and enterprise features
  • Custom deployments
  • Access to dedicated cloud servers

Members of educational institutions and non-profit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount on the NEER platform.

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